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The Representor - Fall 2021 | Cover Story

Effective Email Marketing Strategies: How salespeople can utilize targeted email marketing to start conversations and generate leads

This isn’t really a numbers game. You can send general product email blasts to every person in your CRM and still get no tangible results. However, if you send emails specifi- cally targeted to customers and prospects, using a system that provides you with infor- mation on who interacted with those emails, you now have information to help you engage those customers... Keep Reading

The Representor - Winter 2020 | Guest Feature

Social media playbook: A 10-minute approach for manufacturers’ reps

I would bet most of you can’t directly correlate any revenues earned from anything on social media, so you wonder why to spend any effort on it at all. Here’s the truth for companies selling in the business-to-business (B2B) environment: You probably won’t ever realize revenues from social media. There are only two real outcomes from B2B marketing: generate leads for the sales team or increase brand/product awareness in the marketplace. Social media’s purpose is the latter... Keep Reading

The Representor - Summer 2017 | Featured Article

Finding the Value in a Website

Professional sales firms presumably view websites strictly on the expense side of the ledger, as they can be a pain to keep current and they don’t directly help sell product. Why would a company even want one? The struggle with justifying manufacturers’ representative websites lies within finding the value of the intangible returns or opportunities the site provides. .. Keep Reading

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