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Spyre Group

Sales, Marketing & IT Experience

Founded in 2010, under the initial premise of providing companies with an outsourced marketing department to support their sales teams. Spyre Group has matured and we've expanded our capabilities to incorporate customizable technology solutions to go beyond the traditional design and marketing, because the complexity of digital sales and marketing tools used today require these skill sets to be effective.

Our edge comes from using our IT experience to implement more effective marketing resources, our digital design experience allows us to build technology that's easy-to-use and navigate for any level user, all shaped by the frame of a sales professional or company executive.

We built our services and industry-based solutions around the most common issues companies of any size are facing that impacts the way they "tell their story."

The business development environment has changed over the past decade through speed of communication, the generational shift, constant connectivity and changing customer behaviors. We shape our services and solutions around these common challenges:

In-House Skills Gap

Lack of resources to staff all the design, marketing and technology skill sets needed to professionally implement tools for sales teams and management.

The Disconnect

Separation and natural misalignment between sales, marketing and IT groups based on different initiatives, priorties, communiation styles, understanding of customers or the operation.

Workforce Shift

Adaptation to the disruptions of generational transition, personnel turnover, office changes and the adoption of work-from-home.


Featured Industries

Our team's career experience and our growing client base extends across many industries for small, mid-sized and large organizations.

Manufacturers, fabricators and specialty components.


Product literature, marketing tools, management dashboards for direct sales teams to distribution networks.

Dealers and distributors.

Dealers & Distributors

Digital promotions (Ads + Email), online stores, vendor portals, onboarding new product lines.

Engineering firms and architects.

Engineering + Architecture

Capabilities statements, bid tools, project profiles, modern resumes and project collaboration tools.

Manufacturers' representatives and sales reps.

Manufacturers' Representatives

Marketing for rep firms to attract new lines, team resources for prospecting new customers, custom reporting.

Construction and contractors.


Regional and service specific advertising and capabilities presentation tools.

Professional business services firms.

Professional Services Companies

Marketing and corporate presentations tools to promote services and portfolio.

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